Since 1987, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a global business network, has been shaping the way the world understands entrepreneurship. By supporting today’s top entrepreneurs, EO is helping business owners achieve success and significance on a daily basis. Unlike other entrepreneur associations and business network groups, EO is supports the complete entrepreneur by helping them become better business, family and community leaders. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs learn and grow on a personal and professional level, while guiding them to greatness in business and beyond.

The members of our global entrepreneurship program aren’t your typical businesspeople— they thrive on breaking barriers, pushing past conventions and making a mark on a local, regional and global scale. Our leading entrepreneurs create futures, stimulate economies and set precedents for progress. They are “uniquely EO,” and they express their individuality during regional business networks events, global events, small business networking events, business owner networking forums, chapter activities, and executive and business owner education programs. For a snapshot of what EO and our members are all about, watch this short video and discover how our entrepreneurial network impacts the lives of business owners everywhere.