Interactive Session with James Lawrence

Popularly known as the “Iron Cowboy” – triathlon world record maker – James Lawrence (41) shared his incredible journey of completing 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 states of the USA in 50 consecutive days. In an interactive session entitled ‘Redine Impossible’ with Jaipur’s Entrepreneurs Organization members, Lawrence spoke about the various physical and mental challenges he faced in his one-of-a-kind expedition and how he overcame them.

An Ironman journey begins with 3.8kms of swimming, 180kms of biking and ends with 42kms of running without a break. Since Lawrence was completing Ironmans in 50 states of the USA in 50 consecutive days, he had to face numerous challenges like enormous differnce in time zones across the country, diverse terrains like rainforests, mountains, deserts, volcano prone areaa, among others.

Lawrence shared that when he decided to take this expedition, he faced a lot of negativity and backlash from people for setting such an immense goal. But he was stern in his belief that nothing is impossible and began working hard towards achieving his goal.

However, he faced a number of physically and mentally taxing challenges. Lawrence narrated the incident when due to continous exhaustion and lack of sleep, he fell asleep while riding his bike and fell off leading to massive injuries. Even then Lawrence did not give up and continued to finish the Ironman triathlons one after the other.

The Iron Cowboy repeatedly stressed on the huge role played by his wife Sunny and his eldest daughter Lucy helping him realize this dream. it was their unflinching belief and conviction in Lawrence that motivated him to never give up despite all odds. “Hard work can beat talent when talent does not work hard enough”, remarked Lawrence while concluding the session on an inspirational note.