Chetan Bhagat Talks At EO

Jaipur witnessed a fun filled event on Friday at Elephant, Club Naila, as India’s bestselling author Chetan Bhagat was present in the city for a candid chat as part of the Entrepreneurs Organisation(EO) event. In conversation with Shreya and Ritika of EO, the author spokeon various topic like how he takes criticism, politics, Bollywood, among others.

Shedding light on his last book ONE INDIAN GIRL,Chetan Bhagat said that he had been wanting to write a story from a female’s point of view since a long time. Since all his earlier books were male-centric, there were demands from his female fans to write a book focussing a woman.

Known for his remarks on Twitter, Bhagat said that Twitter is the new literature. In today’s time, 140 characters have more impact than a 20 page article . He also expressed his concern about Bollywood due to the to the growing popularity of online content and digital media. The former being much more expensive will have difficulty thriving in the future.

Talking about entrepreneurship, the author said that even though he is not the best writer in India, he is the bestselling writer. Giving a tip on entrepreneurship, he said,”If one’s ideas and products have value, money will follow suit.” The session concluded with an entertaining rapid fire round with the author and a question-answer round from the audience.