Welcome to EO Jaipur!

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Jaipur is as good as my home chapter; my EO journey, as my peers know, has been started with Jaipur Chapter RIE 2010, and since then, Jaipur has given me Friends & Family through EO for which I am & will be immensely grateful throughout my life.

Jaipur chapter has organized a phenomenal My EO rally, and have heard great reviews about it. RIE 2018 is going to be the great big event in the region for which everyone is waiting for.

EO Jaipur – one of the great connecting chapters I have ever seen; the relationship, the leadership, the bond, the integration, and the results with the member experiences, are all beyond the imagination. Three cheers and a great applause for the chapter!

I should not forget to brief that EO South Asia, one of the most respected and applauded regions of the entire EO community, is superbly executing the all three dimensions of Learning, Sharing & Living Together.

Thank you for being with me, thank you for being an integral part of our Region, thank you for all your support; the credit for the success of the Region goes to the chapters like Jaipur. Let’s keep multiplying our growth with the core values of EO.

Thank You!

Chiranjiv Patel
Regional Director – EO South Asia