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Entrepreneur lives for a Dream!!

Entrepreneurs make their dreams come Alive!!

Beginning the journey from the Presidents Ball extravaganza to the Global Learning award at GLC, Bangkok, the Rock star award at Raipur and the months rolling down this year. These months have been a fine example of how fast they are becoming amazing memories, exciting journey of experiences and acquaintances became relationships.

The spirit of EO is such that every month brings in new learning, experiences, friendships and finally sweet memories for life time to cherish. It has again been a wonderful quarter for all of us.

EO JAIPUR has an exceptional presence in the Chapter and Regional events. Our Retreat was a Record setting event in itself, not only in the chapter but in the complete South Asia Region. The My EO Rally, The Rajputana Quest, has been a milestone of another exceptional delivery of what a Jaipur member can showcase.

I would like to specially appreciate and acknowledge the efforts put in by the host forums in the events for outstanding attendance and hope the trend continues for rest of the year and years to come. I am sure that the Rock star forum Award shall be a difficult call for the forum chair this year.The Board team is undoubtedly working tirelessly for their commitments to the chapter and also helping each other to explore its complete potential, however, I would like to specially applaud for the few: • The My EO Chair Mr. Parakram Rathore for delivering the first MYEO event of the year for the chapter in just 3 months of his Board experience. • The Sponsorship Chair/Co-Chair: For bringing in record breaking sponsorship of more than Rs 25 lac in the first quarter • The Retreat & Integration Chair/Co-Chair : Mini retreat has been the highlight for the year so far with participation of more than 2/3rd chapter. • The Spousal Chair: for delivering 2 events in the very first quarter.

I would also like to recognize our peer buddy Mr. Arun Jain, Director Premier Ispat for coming forward and sponsoring the amount of Rs. 10 lac, the highest in value platinum sponsorship; which also acknowledges the value in EO Jaipur Chapter.

A few talents have also outshone their hidden skills, Sharad Agarwal for moderating the event with Madhur Bhandarkar, Dr Karan Sharma & Ayush Periwal for hosting the award night at the Mini Retreat.

Team Karan & Ayush also championed the • Inter-Forum Olympics - This is again an initiative taken by our board to conduct the first inter-forum Olympics for the chapter. A great way of reliving the competitiveness and bonding among the chapter members!

Further, in the coming year, following big ticket chapter events are highly awaited. I look forward for the same kind of support from the entire chapter for: • Kids University- We will be hosting Kids University for the first time next year. • CSR- Mrs. Prity Singhal has been kind enough in taking up this initiative for the chapter. I would like to seek the support of each and every member in making this activity a success.

I look forward to interact with each one you and understand your thoughts and take suggestions to make the chapter & it’s members dream come Alive.

I believe that the success lies in the below 5 words which keeps a man ALIVE Adapt, Learn, Innovate, Vision & Express...

So let us all join hands to make our dreams come true and create a future to cherish...

It's not the leader who makes the country or an organization Great, The leader only gives the direction, It’s actually the members who make the organization great.

With whole hearted thanks for your confidence, support, warmth and love...